raw feeding

Diet and exercise are so important, even for our canine companions. Learn how to improve your dogs overall health, diet and well-being.

 FACT: Dogs lack the enzyme that breaks down starch, causing it to rot in the gut. Most commercial dog food contains starch.


Itchy skin & paws? Poor immune health? Eye boogers? Stinky breath, farts and odor? These are all symptoms of unbalanced diets. Raw diets are considered a controversial idea, but in reality, raw feeding is one of best things you can do for your dogs health. Dogs are designed to eat and digest protein, fats and natural sugars. Complex carbohydrates like starch & grains are harmful to the canine gut and surprisingly are a main ingredient in commercial dog food. It creates all kinds of health problems for our pooches. Break the cycle and learn more about what your dog needs. We are here to help and provide you the proper learning & tools you need to feed your dog correctly.


Raw food make you nauseous? Simply don't have time? Or find raw feeding overwhelming? We can provide you with prepared meals specially made for your pooch. Require within.