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Frequently Asked Questions:


How many dogs do you take per adventure?

We take 3-6 dogs per walker, to ensure your dog gets proper care and attention.

What kind of treats do you use?

We only use high quality, SINGLE ingredient, fresh and dehydrated treats - organic whenever possible.

My dog has some behavioral issues, will they be able to join your pack adventures?

Yes! We do offer this on a case per case basis. Private outings and working with a trainer are usually recommended until your dog is able to join a pack.

What dog training is necessary before we can enroll our dog in adventures?

We like our dogs to be able to come when called, know how to sit and focus, and be able play well with others. Ollie & Bear offer a customized puppy training program, contact us for more details. 

How long are the adventures?

1-2 hours pure outdoor fun! 

How long will my dog be gone?

2 hours minimum to 4 hours maximum. A lot of factors contribute, your location, distance to adventure spot, animals are unpredictable so our timing can change drastically. 

Do you keep up with training while you're out with the dogs?

Yes! That's what makes Ollie & Bear adventures so special. We're consistently reinforcing good doggie behavior, listening, playing politely with friends, recall, and calm focus.

Do I need to have a set schedule?

Set schedules are beneficial for the dogs, they like routine and it keeps us organized. We will do our best to be flexible, but not guaranteed.  

What payment options do I have?

Accepted forms are cash, check and electronic payments.

What is your cancellation policy?

We allow 5 excused absences per year, with a 24 hour notice. 

How old does my puppy have to be to join Ollie & Bear?

Typically we don't allow puppies to join unless they are 6 months old. We offer an adventure training program for your puppy, they are given extra guidance and consistent reinforcement. Require within, space limited.