Hi! My name is Ollie. What makes me a dog mentor?  let me tell you...

Do you have a doggie that just won't settle down?  Or likes to forget her manners? Do they pretend they can't hear you? Well, that's where I come in. Dogs pick things up from other dogs faster than learning from humans. I lead by example and will show your dog the best way to behave. Sarah was my mentor. She taught me everything I know about humans. Together, Sarah and I can teach your dog too.


Hello, I'm little bear, head of AARD...

AARD? It's the American Association of Retired Dogs! Can't teach an old dog new tricks? Pffff...not true! I'm an old man and I'm still learning. It's never too late to build your stamina, and improve your dog & human communication. I am proof that we old dogs can thrive. Given the proper guidance and training, your dogs daily life will dramatically improve.