Why choose Ollie & bear?

Est. Since 2015

Our philosophy is to create a bridge between the doggie world and the human world. We want to safely and happily guide your dog across it.

  • We are fully licensed and insured, so you can rest easy knowing your pup is in good hands.

  • We tailor our adventures to meet your dogs fitness needs and care.

  • Your pooch will learn polite behavior gives them access to life rewards. Including, rolling and romping with their peeps, chasing balls, swimming, unlimited cuddles and kisses.

  • We are unlike any other dog walking company in San Francisco, we don’t adhere to one singular training method, we tailor the way we guide each individual dog.

  • We create a nurturing & fun learning environment, at all times. No yelling, only calm, stern voices.

  • We improve leash manners, recall, car rides and help create a well rounded doggie.

  • Improved immunity. Being exposed to the wilderness and outdoors boosts their immune function. Lowers "fight-or-flight" behaviors and has a dramatic effect on decreasing cortisol, the stress hormone. We want our dogs to live a long and happy life. 

  • On every adventure we take out 2 or more liters of water to make sure your pup stays hydrated.


Meet Sarah


Have I told you yet that we love dogs? Dogs!! Although it’s an easy part of the job, we take them seriously as the domesticated wolf and provide a balanced & loving structure. Growing up as a horse and dog handler introduced me to mammal behavior. I have been in love ever since. When I gained mutual trust with animals that were labeled "incorrigible" I knew I had something special. I knew I would live to work with animals. 

Ollie and Bear are my doggies, pooches, fluff nuggets, monkeys, well you get the idea. They inspired my continual outlook and understanding of canines, my company is named in their honor.  Learn more about them here "Doggie Mentorship"  


Meet Kelley



Kelley has been on the fast track to learning all things dogs. After leaving her corporate job, she has welcomed the opportunity to work with animals for a living. She has tremendous patience when working with our packs and is currently our puppy pack leader.


Meet William


William grew up on a farm in rural Vermont surrounded by cows, horses, pigs, goats, chickens, cats, and, of course, dogs! Will has a special connection with animals and has a particularly unique gift at calming their energy. When he's not walking the rad packs of Ollie & Bear he can be found doodling cartoons and playing drums in his band. He loves to make lots of new pup friends and explore more of the hidden wilderness of the bay area!  

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Meet Dakota



Ollie & Bear’s newest dog walker! Dakota has been training with Sarah and will soon be regularly taking out her own Ollie & Bear packs. She has a deep connection and understanding of nature and we are so lucky to have her learning with us. Dakota also is a talented yoga and cooking instructor which she translates beautifully into dog management.